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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: iran slams what it calls illegitimate new sanctions by the u.s. on its ballistic missile program, that comes days after tehran's deal with what powers was confirmed, giving iran some $100 billion in sanctions relief. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head-to-head as the democrats hold their final debate before the iowa caucus, kicking off the official nominating race next month. also coming up this hour, as francois hollande promises more than 2 billion euros to fight unemployment, we will find out if that is really enough to help. a missing hong kong bookseller
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dramatically pops up on chinese tv to say he has surrendered himself in relation to the killing of a student in 2004. that and more on the way, but first our top stories. genie: after both football athletics, the kenneth world is being hit with allegations from top-level corruption. sunday is story broke on bbc and bus feed news claiming there have been -- there has been match fixing among 15 of the world's top 50 players. that broke on the is of the australian open, the first tournament of the season that this sunday. >> as bombshell allegations
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crash onto the world's tennessean, authorities are quick to deny that on the world's tennis scene, authorities are quick to deny. >> absolutely reject any suggestion the evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for , and bbc and bus feed reports may refer to events from about 10 years ago. we will investigate any new information, and we always do. >> the scandal hit sunday as the bbc and buzz feed news gathered evidence of widespread suspected match fixing. they say betting syndicates in russia, northern italy, and sicily made hundreds of thousands of euros betting on games which investigators thought were fixed, three of which were at wimbledon. said 28idential report players should be investigated, including the grand slam title
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holder. but the bbc and buzz fade -- buzz feed -- >> there is widespread concern among the gambling industry and police forces who say they are ignoring us and not doing enough to get to the bottom of disturbing evidence. >> tennis authorities introduced a anticorruption bill in 2009. the bbc and buzz feed say over the last decade 15 players ranked in the top 50 were among those repeatedly flagged to authorities. around half are set to play in the australian open, which begins this monday. genie: polish president andre duda is in brussels for talks with the former polish prime minister. this after the european union launched an unprecedented probe
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into poland's new conservative government. critics say they would limit judicial independence and media freedom rolling back both of those things. here is more from e.u. president donald tusk. >> i believe the european president is acting in good faith. it is not want to humiliate or stigmatize poland. though i could imagine this call could be achieved by other --sage -- with other message by other methods. correspondent is covering this story for us and joins us from there. the two men gave a press conference not long ago and we saw a bit there from donald tusk. during that conference, this investigation, which was unprecedented, was hardly mentioned at all. why? >> this was a business as usual meeting the first between president duda and the
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new polish president -- and the polish president. it is a coincidence that it takes place at the time of tension between the european commission and warsaw. however, the latest procedure was the elephant in the room, a uncomfortable position for donald tusk. he put on a very diplomatic the 40alking directly to billion polish people, telling them they did not have any enemies and reminding them of how an official e.u. membership has been for poland. he also explained that she also and president -- duda for his part did not mention the tensions at all. andlamed the media politicians as well for escalating the situation in the last few weeks. he said dialogue was and has
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begun and will continue tomorrow in the european parliament, when a debate will take place with the polish prime minister. genie: in the meantime, there were members of the polish community who were out all morning in brussels ahead of this visit. tell us about that. >> it was a very colorful morning here in the european court with protesters pro-and anti-party braving minus six degrees celsius to show their placket and sing national anthems -- to show their placards and sing the national anthem. they were singing the european national anthem, and another side said they welcome andras duda. they had signed saying they do not like tusk, but the president of the european parliament, they say that women should be protected and not their democracy. they are the healthy eurosceptics, if you like, and the other side is saying a do not want a totalitarian poland,
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it poland closed from different views. genie: thanks for that. the united states has slapped new sanctions on iran just days after giving the country some $100 billion in sanctions relief . iran denounced those new sanctions on its ballistic missile program, saying they were illegitimate. they target five iranian nationals and a network of companies based in the united arab emirates in china but will have little effect on the day to day lives of iranians. the new sanctions have been in the works for two wiese but were delayed until after washington released -- secure the release of u.s.-iranian prisoners. our correspondent has more. swap, hailed as a breakthrough in diplomacy both in washington and tehran. president obama. this is a good
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day because we see what is possible with strong american diplomacy. it is a reminder of what we can achieve when we lived with strength and wisdom. >> the u.s. announced new sanctions months after iran conducted a bad test on a ballistic missile. in tehran, president rouhani welcome to the sanctions and said it will open up the -- welcomed the opening of sanctions, saying that it will open up -- thereare not going to -- is always a reaction for every action. if they violate the measures, there are mechanisms in the accord and we will apply them. >> support for the deal was not unanimous. prime minister benjamin netanyahu was adamantly opposed to the nuclear agreement and vowed to remain vigilant to any violation. israel will continue to
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monitor any international violations by iran, including the nuclear agreement, the ballistic missile agreement, and terrorism. mustnternational community put harsh, aggressive sanctions on any violations. that iranhu maintains has not abandoned to clear ambitions and continues to spread terror. genie: at least three americans have been kidnapped in iraq, taken from their interpreter's home in baghdad over the weekend. the u.s. embassy has confirmed that "several americans were taken without specifying the exact number." there's been no immediate claim of responsibility so far. a rocket thought to have been shot from syria has hit a school in turkey, killing a female school cleaner. two of the rockets were also fired from neighboring syria, landing in an empty field near the school.
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now to africa where burkina faso is in the midst of three days of national mourning after a terror attack in its capital. al qaeda militants stormed a cafe and a hotel held with foreigners friday, leading to at least 28 dead. let's bring in our expert on terrorist movements. first of all, why would these terrorists have targeted the capital of burkina faso? >> simply because they had the opportunity to do so. it is the first move for al qaeda. they had the opportunity, so they did it. foras considered safe western citizens, and even a hub for western intelligence, which displays maybe why it was targeted. without forgetting a few days ago why the islamic state was attacking in jakarta, there is a very important communique from al qaeda, from one of the most
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prominent leaders, talking especially about libya and asking jihadi's in the region to pick out western armies, starting with france, italy, and the united states. , and they arethat on a full-scale war. we are forgetting one most important thing, too, that he was considered someone who can fix things with the jihadis in order to live -- in order to liberate western hostages. atknow it was a harsh call the time. and all this confusion today in burkina faso, they may have participated in this security breach that al qaeda succeeded in making. genie: you were saying this has been claimed by al qaeda, my -- does this mean that the --up is spitting into
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spreading into western africa? wassim: to witness another attack in another region against the police forces, there was a kidnapping the same day at the frontier of two of chilean citizens. anyway,, it is fulfilling the dream, who always wanted to expand into the region. it shows us the competition of the relations between different , that finally the orders the gone back on from leader of al qaeda. it is the second time they are conducting a common operation, in bamako, a few weeks ago. it shows us that they are getting closer together, that al qaeda still has the upper hand, that in comparison with islamic state and libya, with boko haram
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genie:. -- with boko haram. genie: democratic presidential candidates held their debates before the caucuses next month. it was the most contentious debate as bernie sanders went on the defensive -- wednesday on went on thee -- offensive against hillary clinton. he accused her of misrepresenting his stance on health care and guns. >> hillary clinton is shifting gears. aside from going after republicans, she now finds herself attacking senator bernie sanders, who is catching up in the polls two weeks before the iowa caucuses. one of her attempts to discredit sanders and less sunday's debate was on gun control. hillary clinton: he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted for him unity from gun makers and sellers, which the nra said was the most important
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piece of gun legislation in 20 years. bernie sanders: i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is disingenuous. i have a d-voting record from the nra. clinton also seized upon sanders' proposed medicare for all, which she said would undo obama's signature health care act. bernie sanders: no one is tearing this up. we are going to go forward. what the secretary neglected to mention, even more are underinsured. attack, sanders accused clinton of being too cozy with wall street, and being part of the system the cow toast to the financial industry. sanders: you have received speaking fees from goldman sachs. the debate reveals a stark contrast between the two candidates.
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clinton vows to work between both parties in washington. sanders insists on progressive change and a need to shake up the political system. genie: there is a new twist in the case of the mixing -- of a missing bookseller in hong kong. the swedishrance of national three months ago sparked fears that he had been taken by chinese agents. he has now turned up on chinese tv, saying he turned himself in to authorities over a drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of a student 11 years ago. haxie meyers-belkin reports. concession, refusing to take at face value. reported national
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missing three months ago has appeared on chinese state television, confessing to a fatal drink driving accident years ago. the report says he fled the country after being held a two-year suspended sentence. he's saying that he returned to china to "take legal turningbility." >> myself in is a voluntary choice. it has nothing to do with anybody else. of five missing booksellers from a hong kong bookseller, nor for titles critical of the chinese government. directornternational's believes this raises more questions than it answered. standpointrom that is worthless, and there is a possibility that he made the statement under duress. that cannot be excluded. it is not uncommon in mainland
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china for distance to be detained for lengthy periods by authorities, but such disappearances are unprecedented in hong kong. the incident has sparked protests in the southern chinese city, with people the many the release of the men taken by mainland agents. genie: in france, francois hollande has unveiled a new plan to fight unemployment. close to 10% of the french workforce is unemployed, twice as high as in germany or the u.k.. president hollande has said he will not run for reelection if he cannot improve the situation. he said france would spend more than 2 billion euros trying to get more people back to work. consider the face of the world's problems on uncertain economic situation, and persistent unemployment. there is also an economic and
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social state of emergency to call. this state of emergency involves making choices, mostly concerning the government, but also political authorities and social partners. for more on the french president's plan to fight unemployment, i am joined by a commerce -- by an economist. we heard the french president talking about this state of emergency, wanting to unveil 2 billion euros to try to fight unemployment. is that enough to help? >> there are some good things in this plan, i think. not having people lose their skills is very important. when you have longer sessions and unemployment, these are use the expression human capital.
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a -- is a tension to that, there is a attention to that, in terms of training and a good record. what i think is missing is the fact that, and the standard that employment is much more than a phenomenal -- this is unemployment because the economy is not doing well. all the measures announced today are focused on the market. what about growth? -- iere is not growth would expect it into -- we need to push for more growth because that will lead to lower employment that lower unemployment. genie: what should the government be spending on to promote growth? europe,o: france, like has a problem of insufficient -- in the current situation, if we had an important fiscal stimulus, that would have
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struggled to bring inflation up. france is a that large and important county to be italy has a -- history of -- italy could not take calling for more fiscal expansion. that is something i would have expected francois hollande to do. other governments to focus on the supply side of the economy, on the labor market more specifically. these are going to be too narrowminded. they will not push people out of unemployment because it is easier to fire or you get somebody -- some money to firms to hire. genie: can he really do that with maters in addition to new security measures has put in place?
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>> this is a very good question. i hope it does not because that means there is 2 million of fiscal expansion. they probably will try to do it, and this is something that has .uch harm on one side you put some money on training, and on the other we have some other programs that mostly sustain the economy. then we go even more down, so the final result will mean that it is easier to hire, but it will be less incentive to do so because the economy. genie: what about the infamous 35 hour work week? francois hollande has said there will be no changing that. does that need to be changed? francisco: no. to be very honest, i see so many and theys out there, will probably add some more with a round of measures. it is a sad totem, not really buying the measure.
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wage, whetherum it is a drag on employment, stepped -- statistics are not clear at all. it is a flag people have to thank you so much, francisco saraceno. it is time now for the press review. we will take a look at what the papers have to say today. let's start with this incredible story in world tennis, where corruption allegations are saying that several players fixed matches as the australian open was about to get underway. >> the timing is impeccable, just as the australian open gets underway, this incredible report co-authored by bbc and buzz feed. it is the tennis world that has been rocked by allegations of
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corruption, and you can read all about it in this detailed report that was published this morning. they had access to secret files that exposed widespread evidence of match fixing across the board and many years. several tennis players, including former dail doubles ad singles champions, and others have profited from this. it is an incredible story. genie: how exactly do you fix a tennis match? it is pretty simple for you can just play badly. secondly, you can strategically throw the game. you can play really well in the first set, lead in the second set, then throw the match. the third way is just reaching a certain point in a game and then throwing the match. a genie: three-to lead in a set.
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it is an incredible story. the weekend election of taiwan's new pro-independence president. how is the local media reacting? imagine a very deferring point on the china media and the pro-independence media. let's start with the pro-china media. thems a leader of taiwan's accredit progressive party, and she basically crushed her opponents in national elections this weekend. the pro-china press, the global times, is basically a newspaper based on china that has a pro-china stance. they are playing down her victory, saying that people voted for her. it was not a vote for independence. and you get this feeling that they are trying to reassure their readers that china's interests are not harmed by the election of this woman. on the flipside, "taipei times" has a great cartoon this morning. they have more of the pro-independence stance. china is represented as the sort
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of thundering paying trying to flex his muscles to the person flying above. ,nd they clearly take no notes and it is a striking statement on how the pro-independence party sees china now. genie: let's come back to france, were the french media are talking about francois hollande has plan to bring down on a plummet. dheepthika: a very scathing article. in a nutshell, it accuses him using the unemployment issue to position himself ahead of next year's election, and in particular they accuse him of pandering to the left because, as we know, he angered a lot of those factions on the left with his national security plan, and especially the debate around citizenship. they say it is a reverse action now. it must be said that the french left-leaning paper has come into rescue, saying it is never good enough for critics, and they say even the slightest improvement
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in reversing that unemployment curve is still very good as an achievement. story there was a big this weekend, iran's historic return to the global community. the reactions in the paper have been mixed. dheepthika: it has indeed. the new york times has painted a very celebratory editorial. "the world is safer," it says. also the return of iran to the global community. it even says that a bargain with iran seems so unlikely and it has been, a reality -- and it has become a reality. independent" is looking at the story, saying iran is coming out stronger from this deal. it is a really interesting article that you can read more about in "the independent." they say after yields -- after years as an international pariah, he could be a big winner in the region because all the other country's iran's neighbors,
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engaged in civil war or regional conflict. so iran with billions of dollars expected to be released, stands to benefit from this. genie: thank you so much for today's look at those papers. you can chññawúwóóóóó
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